Monday, September 21, 2009

New Drawing

It's the last day of summer and we got our first snow today! Makes me wonder if we are in for a particularly harsh winter since we've had interesting summer weather too. It has the effect of keeping me in my warm little corner to draw, which is good since I have deadlines fast approaching for some things coming up. I am working on a drawing for the Cowgirl Up! show in Wickenburg, AZ that is of Stacy Grosskopf and her horse. Totally different for me and I'm loving the whole scene. This photo is of one weeks worth of work, so it looks kind of scary right now, but I think it will end up being one of my best. I am working on a couple of pieces for the Coors show that are also "whole scene" drawings. It just means I have to work larger to get the same amount of detail, but since I'm getting faster it's O.K.
Stay Warm!



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