Friday, September 11, 2009

We are doing the Castle Rock Artfest this weekend. Not to sound like a negative nellie, but the weather is supposed to be kind of awful, so not exactly thrilled about that! But, it is our "local" show, so we get to see lots of friends and customers which is always fun!

Had a nice chat with Jennifer Dennison of Western Horseman magazine yesterday. She drove up from the Springs to hang out at our humble shack in the woods for the morning to interview me for an upcoming issue. She took pictures of me and my dog, Abby, that looked like they might be funny, so am hoping they use one of those in the article. I, like most people, hate having my picture taken, but maybe one will turn out and be usable. :)It was great hanging out and talking art with someone who shares that interest.

I've been invited to do Cowgirl Up! in Wickenburg, Arizona this spring, so am working on new stuff for that. I was invited last year, but had to decline because of my schedule. We always need an excuse to get to Arizona in the winter and to see our friends over there. Should be fun!

I am working on more story driven drawings right now, and am excited for the challenge. Full backgrounds, the whole person on horseback, things like that. The prevailing wisdom in this economy is to scale things back, but I feel like right now I need to challenge myself and do bigger and better. We'll see how I feel after the first one is finished!!


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