Monday, August 10, 2009

Show weekend

We had a fantastic time in Santa Fe this weekend! It was exhausting but great and all in all I think it was a real success. Opening night was Friday night and we had about 200 people there according to the security guy. Food was provided by Jinja Bistro, owned by Doug Lanham who owns the ranch that had the BBQ the next day. I am going to harass him until he gives me the recipe for the prickly pear margaritas that they served that night. YUM! Will post it if I am able to get it. As of opening night we sold 8 of the 20 pieces that I did for the show, which is sort of miracle these days, so am really proud of that fact. The show hangs for another month so we'll see how it all ends up. James Robinson is the super salesman at Altermann and he has done a great job. After the opening we went to dinner at a restaurant called Maria's that is apparently an institution in Santa Fe. We went with a big group and we were put in a separate room called the Robert Redford room since I guess that is where he sits when he goes there. Great Mexican food, laughed a lot and had so much fun. Karen (Prairie Karen) Wall Ross, Steve Bell, Emily Kitching (Eclectic Horseman) little Sydney joined us as well as good friends of Karen's whose names I can't remember right now (I knew it yesterday!) and Pedro Marquez and his girlfriend Anna Marie. After dinner, Pedro got out his guitar and we sat outside of the restaurant where he treated us to a couple of songs, which were as wonderful as you would think they would be. As we were sitting out there, the restaurant staff came out (they were now closed) and were taking a break. The bartender asked to see Pedros's guitar so he asked if she played and she sang/played a song that she wrote and it was jaw-dropping awesome. That was very cool way to end the night.

Saturday afternoon we went to look at the Canyon Road gallery scene with our good friend Stephen Lee, who is also an artist, and does sculpture. We goofed off with him most of the day until it was time to go to the BBQ. That ended up being alot of fun too, I got to meet and chat with collectors and people involved with the Spanish Mustangs, eat great BBQ and have more yummy margaritas. Weather was perfect and the weekend could not have gone better.

Now that all of that is over, I plan on doing some fun stuff including playing with painting (oil) and seeing where that takes me. I have more deadlines coming up soon for other things, so it's back to work in a day or two, but for now, I plan on cleaning my house since its been neglected for awhile now.

Thanks to everyone who attended or emailed with their well wished, it means a lot to me! Thanks to Emily, Steve, Karen, Wally, Stephen for coming up to support me and thanks to Altermann Galleries, Tony, Richard, and James.


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