Sunday, March 1, 2009

Big News

I have signed up to do my first one-woman show at Altermann Galleries in Santa Fe. The show is scheduled to start OCtober 5th and will have the largest amount of originals that I have ever had for sale in one place. I plan on doing 20! Some big, some small and everything in between. Which means that I will have no life for the next several months, but that is O.K. It's exciting and will be fun to see how far I can push myself. I will be adding additonal information as I know more.

The Coors show went great as I sold out again this year. I didn't win people's choice this time, but that is fine because a really nice and talented new artist to the show named Teresa Elliot won and I love her work. Good stuff!

Matt is working hard in Scottsdale at the Celebration of Fine Art ( runs through March 29th. We have a nice booth with prints and a few smaller originals. The above image is an original I started and finished while I was down there. It was purchased by a lovely gentleman before it was even finished! Which made me even more particular about how it looked when it was done. I will be heading back down there on Thursday (March 5th) and am not sure how long I will be there this time. I have been dividing my time between Colorado and Arizona. It had been hectic and fun, and we have had a great time with our friends in Arizona. I better live it up since after this, I wont be leaving the house again for many months!


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