Monday, June 9, 2008

Welcome to Karmel Timmons Fine Art!

Hello! Welcome to our completely re-designed website! I have wanted to do some new things to enhance my website for a long time, and eventually decided to go with scrapping the old one, and investing in a complete re-do. I am also jumping on the blogging bandwagon as you can see, or "diary" as we are calling it here, and am willing myself to keep up with it and let all of you know what is going on when it actually happens. It's a great new way to instantly update everyone on the latest stuff rather than forgetting to give the information to the cool people that do my website. Speaking of, Steve Bell and Emily Kitching of Eclectic Horseman Communications did a wonderful job on this re-design and I highly recommend using their services if you are thinking of doing the same to your site, or having one built from scratch. Can't say enough about them! I gave Steve a one sentence generalization of how I wanted it to look, and look what he came up with!

Another new feature that I have had lots of requests for over the years is a FAQ section. Art info, like what kind of pencils and paper I use, to ordering information has been covered and I hope people find it useful. I will be adding more answers to questions as we go along.

Matt (my husband) will be adding posts to this as well. He runs most of this show and usually has more information than I do.

One quick note of news. There will be a full feature article coming out in Southwest Art Magazine in August of 2008, which hits the newsstands last week in July. I have been in that magazine before, but not with a feature, so I am very excited.

Also, for those of you who see us at the summer shows, make sure you check out our schedule, which is updated. We kick things off in Breckenridge over the July 4th weekend. Hope to see you there. It will be good to get out of the house again and reacquaint myself with the outside world. :)

For now...



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