Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Coors Western Art Show

Here are two new pieces that are being shown at the Coors Western Art Show and Sale during the National Western Stock Show.

The first one is Buck Brannaman's horse Arc. I have drawn this horse a few times, the last one was my print called "End of the Day' The reference photo I worked from is also from that same day, but earlier. I called it "Working" but maybe it should have been called "Earlier in the Day". Doubt many people would have got it though, since that print is sold out. I really like this drawing. The background was fun to do, a couple of cows, but also I filled in the sky part in order to really show off the the sunlight on his mane.

The second one is called "Cattin" because that is the name of the horse and is owned by Doug and Melinda Ballard. Cattin is a flea bitten grey, but in the interest of time, I decided not to draw the flea bite parts. I have been meaning to do a hackamore piece for awhile.


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