Friday, March 27, 2009

Finally some snow!

We finally got some snow this year! It is beautiful today after our little blizzard yesterday. It makes me want to stay inside and draw, which is a good thing since the one woman show will be here before I know it. The date has been changing a little so I am just trying to get as much done as I can in case it really is in August as they are saying. Yikes! Matt is going to need to learn how to do hand massage. :)

The Celebration of Fine Art is winding down this weekend. I know Matt is going to be happy to get home. It was great fun meeting new people and selling art at the same time. I will miss the dart games at the O'Cualain's and getting to decide where to go for dinner that doesn't require an hour long drive. Matt got his reprieve from winter and while the dogs weren't sure what to think, they are now happy to be home. (Matt brought me and the dogs home last week since I refused to fly after my last flight...long story)

Going to go draw now...


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Big News

I have signed up to do my first one-woman show at Altermann Galleries in Santa Fe. The show is scheduled to start OCtober 5th and will have the largest amount of originals that I have ever had for sale in one place. I plan on doing 20! Some big, some small and everything in between. Which means that I will have no life for the next several months, but that is O.K. It's exciting and will be fun to see how far I can push myself. I will be adding additonal information as I know more.

The Coors show went great as I sold out again this year. I didn't win people's choice this time, but that is fine because a really nice and talented new artist to the show named Teresa Elliot won and I love her work. Good stuff!

Matt is working hard in Scottsdale at the Celebration of Fine Art ( runs through March 29th. We have a nice booth with prints and a few smaller originals. The above image is an original I started and finished while I was down there. It was purchased by a lovely gentleman before it was even finished! Which made me even more particular about how it looked when it was done. I will be heading back down there on Thursday (March 5th) and am not sure how long I will be there this time. I have been dividing my time between Colorado and Arizona. It had been hectic and fun, and we have had a great time with our friends in Arizona. I better live it up since after this, I wont be leaving the house again for many months!


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