Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Auction results

Hi All,

Altermann Galleries Dec. 6th auction was a success. "The Next Generation" sold for $12,000.00 (including buyers premium) The estimate was between $10,000- $11,000. Its always nice to sell within or above the auction estimate and its always a gamble, so I am very pleased. It was also a gamble to do that particular drawing since I have never drawn a child on horseback before. I wanted to prove that I can draw faces, since most of my work is sort of faceless. That has always been more due to the fact that I want it to be generic so that the viewer could imagine whatever (or whoever) they want. I started out in school doing only portraits, so it was sort of a back to the beginning experience for me. I am going to be posting my two latest drawings in the next few days that will be for sale at the Coors Western Art Show and Sale. I did three pieces for the main show and 2 pieces for the silent auction which can only be viewed and purchased on the opening night. I did a pencil drawing of a corriente (cow, bull, steer, not sure) and a cute foal drawing that is called "All Legs" because it is a very vertical drawing of a new foal with long, long legs. Kind of fun.

P.S. The notecards have been a tremendous success and we are at the moment sold out. Matt is on his way to order more today and should have more by next week. Thanks to all who have ordered and feel free to let me know if there is a particular drawing that we should make into a notecard.


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